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Osseous Surgery

Osseous surgery

Deep pockets cause bone loss Periodontal pockets are gingival cuffs around your teeth that deepen in state of disease. These deep pockets lack oxygen and can be a reservoir for pathogenic bacteria. As a natural sequence, body tries to stay away from these bacteria, by bone loss and distancing itself …

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Denture with implants

Wake up with a new smile In some cases, patients lose or about to lose all their teeth in the jaw. Traditionally options were limited to a removable complete denture, removable implant-supported denture. With proper treatment planning, a fixed complete denture can be introduced to implants. This denture does not …

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Do I have gum recession?

Gum Recession Your gums might be receding due to so many factors; Congenintal thin gums, hard brushing, orthodontic treatment (braces), crown and etc. It can cause tooth sensitivity to cold and hot. Exposed roots are more vulnerable to decay, as they are not as strong as tooth crown enamel. The …

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