A revolutionary approach to full-arch tooth replacement, All-on-X dental implants are changing the lives and smiles of millions of patients around the world. All-on-X dental implants is a full-arch tooth replacement solution that transforms oral function and appearance with the stability and permanence of implant technology. Dr Ash has extensive experience in replacing hopeless or missing teeth with All-on-X dental implants and is passionate about helping you enjoy the confident, healthy smile you deserve, no matter your needs. Even if you have previously been precluded from receiving implants due to bone loss, you still are likely a candidate for All-on-X dental implants.

All-on-X refers to a various number of dental implants placed in the jaw bone. Dr Ash believes that four implants are not enough for a long term and sustainable smile. All on 4 ends up as None on 3 after a couple of years. Instead and without extra charge, he provides a minimum 5 implant, and even if your jawbone allows, 6 or 7 implants, treating you as a family member. Long term success of provided treatments is the highest priority.

As explained before, the treatment planning of dental implants is extremely versatile and depends on various factors. During your consultation session, your bone quantity and quality, amount of available gums, smile line and etc will be assessed and different treatment options will be provided to you. Treatment options include but not limited to: Fixed complete denture, Removable complete denture, and removable partial denture.

Who is a good candidate?

√Multiple hopeless or failing teeth

√Uncomfortable or ill-fitting loose dentures

√Increased wrinkles due to collapsed bite

√Patients who lost their confidence because they can`t smile

Benefits of implant-supported denture:

√Minimum number of implants needed

√Enjoying foot taste and feel (nothing covers palate like a conventional denture)

√No rocking or instability of denture

√Regain and maintain facial shape and jaw contours

√Highly esthetic natural-looking smile

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