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Dr. Ash is a full-time traveling periodontist and dental surgeon and serves the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area. Dr. Ash provides in-house dental surgery to multiple offices, serving general practitioners in the DFW area. This model provides a mutually beneficial opportunity and involves:

  • Increased patient care and comfort. Specialty treatments will be performed in the location that the patient is comfortable and confident about. At the same time, real-time feedback from the referring doctor improves treatment outcomes.
  • Increased case acceptance. The referring doctor and the specialist are present at the same time, which increases the likelihood of patients following through with the proposed treatment. This instills confidence in patients toward the team.
  • Improved profitability. A portion of the treatment fee is retained by your practice, not referred away.

Dr. Ash provides the following services:

1- Conventional periodontal therapy (surgical and non-surgical)

2- Dental implants (Straumann, Biohorizons)

3- Impacted wisdom teeth removal and IV sedation

4- Bone augmentation and maxillary sinus lift

5- Periodontal plastic surgery and soft tissue grafts

6- Orthodontic related surgery (Accelerated  orthodontics, canine exposure)

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