RECEDING GUMS – Perio Surgery


Gum recession is a common oral condition that can be caused by several reasons such as gum disease, orthodontic tooth movement, grinding habits, or excessive brushing. After the recession of the gum from the original position, root surfaces get exposed, which can cause aesthetic issues or tooth sensitivity.

Treatment of such a condition involves the replacement of the lost tissue by augmentation of the tissue (gum graft) and repositioning it back to the original position. There are mainly two sources of gum grafts; autogenous (your own body) graft or ready to use graft (Alloderm). Being specialized in gum surgery, Dr. Ash will assess you during the consultation session and provide treatment options and expected outcomes. The goal of the procedure is to provide the highest root coverage, prevent future recession and minimize root sensitivity. This can be done in a single visit, which will heal after 10 days. The tissue will keep maturing and remodeling up to 6 months after the procedure.


Who are the candidates for gum grafts?

√ long looking teeth

√ tooth sensitivity

√ Notches or dents near gum line

√ Tooth discoloration near gum line

√ Uneven gum line

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