IV SEDATION – Perio Surgery


Dr Ash is licensed to perform IV (intravenous) moderate sedation and high-risk anesthesia. IV sedation is effective for all levels of dental anxiety and is highly recommended for those undergoing more complex procedures. You remain conscious and able to respond to our instructions, yet will have little memory of your procedures. It is important to understand the differences between general anesthesia (being complete asleep) and IV conscious sedation (twilight sleep). As the effects do last for several hours, an adult companion is required to drive you to and from your appointment.


Make sure to remember:

  • Do not eat solid food for minimum 6-8 hours, and liquids 2 hours before the appointment
  • Bring a driver with you for your appointment
  • please check the PRE-OPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS page.


Benefits of IV sedation

√Immediate sedative effects

√Multiple procedures in one visit

√Little-to-no memory of the treatment

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